Innovation and vision: Matthieu Moffet’s inspiring journey

In a recent interview with the President of Mofco, a managed services provider specializing in customized IT solutions, we delved into the unique world of this company and its ambitious vision for the future. The President shares his passion for technology and his atypical path to success in the IT sector.

Mofco among the 50 best MSP companies in Canada

Every year, hundreds of MSPs across Canada take part in the Best Business Practices assessment. Mofco’s innovative responses and best practices have earned it a place among the top 50 IT management companies in Canada, an honor received at a memorable gala event in Toronto. Benoit, our EVP, and Mario, Technical Services Manager, were on hand to receive this prestigious award and to exchange views with other industry professionals.

IT harmonization: the key role of an MSP

Discover how a Managed Service Provider (MSP) transforms the complex IT landscape into a clear, aligned strategy. Benefit from technology expertise, constant innovation and optimal risk management with an MSP, your strategic partner for high-performance, secure IT.

Are Macs really immune to viruses?

There's a widespread misconception that Macs magically repel viruses. For some followers, viruses seem to be as absent from Macs as sugar is from the ketogenic diet. This idea came to mind during a recent proposal for managed IT services. When developing the security...

Shortage of manpower? Dare to work remotely!

For the past ten years or so, I've been a fervent advocate of remote working, and no, I'm not talking about working in my pyjamas in the kitchen. I'm referring to the first-class teleworker, equipped with a dedicated workspace, often more efficient than the standard...

Viruses, worms and Trojans: know your enemy

Viruses, worms and Trojans, although often mentioned together, have subtle but important differences. Understanding these distinctions is crucial to strengthening your IT security. A brief history of computer virusesOriginally, computer viruses were less a tool for...

Enterprise Agreement (EA) or Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

In the business world, particularly among medium-sized and large companies, the "Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA)" licensing model has long been the norm. However, this rigid approach based on a three-year contract seems increasingly outdated in the face of rapidly...