Are Macs really immune to viruses?

by | Jan 9, 2024 | Blog

There’s a widespread misconception that Macs magically repel viruses. For some followers, viruses seem to be as absent from Macs as sugar is from the ketogenic diet.

This idea came to mind during a recent proposal for managed IT services. When developing the security solution, I was asked to exclude Macs, arguing that they were safe from viruses. This prompted me to revisit the story…

The first virus capable of infecting an Apple II was released in 1982. Since then, each year has brought its share of new viruses targeting all types of computer, including Macs. In 2006, the Leap-A virus hit Mac OS X. Although harmless, it had the potential to cause significant damage. In 2010, a fake iPhoto application enabled hackers to take control of Macs. More recently, in 2019, OSX/CrescentCore used an Apple-approved certificate to propagate itself, before being revoked.

It’s true that Macs offer a high level of security, and that Apple’s operating system is equipped with multiple defense mechanisms. Take, for example, the control of a Mac via TeamViewer: remote access to the keyboard and mouse requires several user validation steps, unlike in Windows.

However, all operating systems share a common vulnerability: the user. That’s why anti-virus software is crucial. When properly configured, they do not slow down modern computers.

Don’t put your environment at risk. Be proactive and plan ahead.

At Mofco, we offer managed and cloud-based IT services to help you create a secure, collaborative working environment.

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