Mofco: Wins the ThreeBestRated® 2024 Award

by | Apr 9, 2024 | Blog

At Mofco, located in the heart of Laval, Quebec, these are incredibly exciting times. Our recent recognition by ThreeBestRated® for the third year running is not only proof of our excellence as a managed service provider (MSP), but also underlines our ongoing commitment to our customers and our passion for technological innovation. This article invites you to discover the secret of our repeated success and what we have in store for the future. For more details on our recent victory and future plans, read our full press release here .

Mofco: A foundation of technology and excellence

  • Our history and mission: At Mofco, we’re proud to offer tailor-made technology services to medium-sized and large companies. Our mission is to help these companies focus on their core operations, while managing the complexities of technology for them. This has been a key factor in our success and the reason we’ve been recognized as one of Laval’s top IT services companies.
  • Our keys to success: At the heart of our success are our exceptional team and our visionary Board of Directors. Their dedication, passion for technological excellence and commitment to our core values have been essential to our growth and recognition in the marketplace.

Transforming SMEs with the Cloud

  • Our vision of Cloud for SMBs: Inspired by the transformative potential of cloud technology, particularly Microsoft 365, we saw an opportunity to empower SMBs, giving them access to best-in-class IT solutions. Our aim is to ensure that every business, whatever its size, can benefit from an advanced, secure and efficient IT infrastructure.

Our ambitious plans for the future

  • Expansion and innovation on the horizon: We’re determined to expand our footprint and help even more Canadian businesses lighten their IT management burdens. Our focus is also on developing capabilities in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of technology.
  • Team growth: In our quest for expansion, we plan to increase our workforce to over 50 professionals in the next five years, strengthening our ability to innovate and serve our customers with excellence.

Our repeated victories at the ThreeBestRated® awards are a validation of our relentless quest for excellence, growth and innovation. At Mofco, we’re delighted to continue on this path, ensuring that our technology and services remain not only state-of-the-art, but also perfectly aligned with our customers’ needs. Our ambition for the future is clear: to continue to be pioneers in IT solutions and services, while adapting our offerings to changing market needs. For Canadian companies, working with Mofco means choosing a reliable, innovative and forward-looking technology partner.

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