Shortage of manpower? Dare to work remotely!

by | Oct 22, 2023 | Blog

For the past ten years or so, I’ve been a fervent advocate of remote working, and no, I’m not talking about working in my pyjamas in the kitchen. I’m referring to the first-class teleworker, equipped with a dedicated workspace, often more efficient than the standard cubicle in an office tower.

Consider commuting time: in Montreal, it takes an average of 31 minutes to get to the office. That’s one hour a day lost in productivity. And this trend is only increasing. Road congestion, for example, increased by 107% in the northern ring road between 2014 and 2017.

According to Indeed, 60% of employees consider it crucial or very important for companies to offer a teleworking option.

Technology and teleworking
We already live in a mobile world. With a broadband connection, a laptop, a cell phone and a quiet space, you’ve got everything you need to be an efficient “teleworker”.

Many companies already use cloud solutions like Office 365, enabling remote data access and collaboration. Communications security is centralized and managed remotely, with effective antivirus protection for your devices.

Microsoft TEAMS has become an essential tool for team communications, integrating telephony, chat and document sharing. With the new Microsoft Teams Rooms, meetings are just like being in the office, with the option of using your favorite felt-tip pen! (See the launch video here: Microsoft Teams Rooms).

The advantages of telecommuting benefit employers and employees alike, reducing travel and absenteeism, promoting work-life balance, optimizing working time, and broadening the pool of potential employees.

If your company hasn’t yet adopted teleworking, it’s likely due to a lack of preparation, as the necessary technologies are not only accessible, but also tried and tested.

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