Enterprise Agreement (EA) or Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

by | Mar 10, 2019 | Blog

In the business world, particularly among medium-sized and large companies, the “Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA)” licensing model has long been the norm. However, this rigid approach based on a three-year contract seems increasingly outdated in the face of rapidly evolving technologies and often changing business needs.

With this in mind, Microsoft has developed the “Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)” subscription and partnership model. This model offers unprecedented flexibility: pay only for what you use now, with no three-year commitment.

Flexibility and cost reduction
With CSP, license management is done online, via a dedicated portal, enabling you to adjust your needs in real time. No more long-term agreements: you’re billed monthly, on a single, clear invoice.

CSP’s flexibility makes it easy to manage impromptu projects. Once the project is complete, simply reduce or switch off the dedicated infrastructure, without the constraints of a rigid contract.

One partner, one platform, one invoice
With CSP, you benefit from an unrivalled level of support. By choosing Mofco as your CSP supplier, you gain access to our specialists, your first line of support. Our dedicated team, familiar with your infrastructure, is always available to assist you.

Our 24/7/365, certified, bilingual strategic support, based in Quebec, completes the offer. And unlike the EA model, where Microsoft Premier Support is an additional cost, it is included in the CSP subscription.

Choosing the right CSP partner
Switching to CSP involves change management. At Mofco, we guide you through this transition, helping you to choose and implement the technologies best suited to your needs.

Our in-depth knowledge of Microsoft products, combined with ongoing training, enables us to keep you up to date with the latest developments in the world of cloud computing.

Choosing Mofco as a CSP partner means choosing local, committed support.

Mofco offers 5-star support and a flexible, modern licensing service. Contact us to maximize your Microsoft agreement.

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