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MSP IT Services St-Hyacinthe

Delegated IT services – MSP

Keep the focus on your business

Boost your business by delegating IT responsibilities to our group of managed services and outsourcing professionals in St-Hyacinthe. Leave yourself time to focus on the essentials of your business, while our team, enhanced by regular training, maintains advanced IT expertise for you.

“My users are happier than ever, and at last I can devote myself to growing my business without always swimming in recurring IT problems.”

Martin, Chief Technology Officer
Top Beauty Group – St-Hyacinthe

Cloud migration

Manage your business from anywhere

Run your business wherever you are by transferring your internal IT management to the Microsoft Azure platform, while expanding your operations from St-Hyacinthe. Benefit from the flexibility and availability crucial to running your business in the modern world, whether you work in hybrid or fully online mode. And all at a fraction of the cost of your current hosting solutions.

Cloud Services St-Hyacinthe
Network Services St-Hyacinthe

LAN/WAN network management

Stay Connected

Keep your business up and running by entrusting the management of your LAN/WAN networks to our team of accredited experts in Fortinet, Unifi and Ubiquiti, based in St-Hyacinthe. Enjoy stable connectivity, optimized performance and enhanced security for your business, backed by the expertise of our dedicated local team.

Computer security

Stay safe

The risk of computer attacks, which can cause major damage to your business operations and reputation. Count on the expertise of our seasoned team at Mofco to guarantee optimal security in St-Hyacinthe.

Cybersecurity Services St-Hyacinthe
Backup Services St-Hyacinthe

Data management and backup

Your data, at any time

By delegating your database management to our skilled database administrators in St-Hyacinthe, you benefit from first-rate expertise, crucial for running your company’s day-to-day operations efficiently and securely, guaranteeing flawless availability.

Disaster recovery

Ensure the continuity of your operations

Any business can be affected by unexpected disasters, such as fires, floods, cyber-attacks or power cuts. Develop a business continuity plan in St-Hyacinthe to ensure your company’s sustainability in such circumstances.

Disaster Recovery Services St-Hyacinthe
IT Training Services St-Hyacinthe

Computer training

Optimize with technology

Take part in one of our 25 training courses (1% certification guaranteed) covering Microsoft, Google, Teams or cybersecurity, offered in person or remotely, and enhance your skills from St-Hyacinthe.