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MSP IT Services Boisbriand

Delegated IT services – MSP

Keep the focus on your business

Revitalize your business by entrusting your IT needs to our team of managed services and outsourcing experts in Boisbriand. Free yourself up to focus on the core aspects of your business, while our continuously trained group maintains a high level of IT expertise at your service.

“My users are happier than ever, and at last I can devote myself to growing my business without always swimming in recurring IT problems.”

Martin, Chief Technology Officer
Top Beauty Group – Boisbriand

Cloud migration

Manage your business from anywhere

Manage your business from anywhere by migrating your IT infrastructure to Microsoft Azure, extending your operations from Boisbriand. Get the flexibility and accessibility you need to manage your business in the digital age, whether you work in a hybrid or fully paperless environment. All this, while benefiting from reduced costs compared to your current hosting solutions.

Cloud Services Boisbriand
Network Services Boisbriand

LAN/WAN network management

Stay Connected

Secure your business continuity by delegating control of your LAN/WAN networks to our certified Fortinet, Unifi and Ubiquiti specialists in Boisbriand. Benefit from a reliable connection, enhanced performance and increased security for your business, backed by the expertise of our committed local team.

Computer security

Stay safe

The threat of cyber attacks, which can inflict heavy damage on your business activities and reputation. Rely on the experience of our seasoned team at Mofco for maximum protection in Boisbriand.

Cybersecurity Services Boisbriand
Backup Services Boisbriand

Data management and backup

Your data, at any time

Entrusting the supervision of your databases to our qualified managers in Boisbriand gives you access to high-level expertise, essential for efficient and secure management of your company’s day-to-day activities, ensuring continuous availability.

Disaster recovery

Ensure the continuity of your operations

Every business is susceptible to unforeseen events such as fires, floods, cyber-attacks or power supply interruptions. Design a business continuity plan in Boisbriand to ensure your company’s resilience in these situations.

Disaster Recovery Services Boisbriand
IT Training Services Boisbriand

Computer training

Optimize with technology

Enroll in one of our 25 training programs (with a 1% certification guarantee) specialized in Microsoft, Google, Teams or cybersecurity, available face-to-face or online, and develop your skills from Boisbriand.